Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kiwi gets to come home!

Kiwi is doing much better today! She was sooo excited to see me when I picked her up at 7:30am to bring her back to the Marlton Animal Hospital. She was no longer bright pink and seemed to be her happy self.
I had to bring her back to be re-evaluated by the vet there.  He kept her until 1pm and hydrated her with IV fluids but let her come home with me in the afternoon.  She was such a happy girl and went home and slept on the couch with Matt and Grayce while I went to my best friends baby shower.  Matt made sure to send me hourly photo updates to show that Kiwi was doing just fine :)

Kiwi and Grayce relaxing after a long weekend

We were all so relieved and happy to have Kiwi back home.  On top of all that went on with Kiwi this weekend it was also Matt and my brothers birthdays..and my best friends baby shower for twins!  So tonight we had my dad "dogsit" to make sure Kiwi wasnt left alone while we attended my brothers 30th bday party.  Kiwi did great napping the entire time.

The vet also said there should be no long term side effects or problems from her overdose.  Luckily it was just something that as long as she made it through and the meds went through her system she would be ok!

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