Friday, December 4, 2009

A scary day...

I moved several weeks ago and have been slowly in the process of transporting all of my "stuff" from old place to new place.  Last night I had picked up a bunch of stuff and left one bag still in the car.  It was a paper bag full of food samples and some meds and stuff of Grayces. 
Well this morning driving to work I hit the breaks and heard the bag spill.  Kiwi was in the back as she was coming to work with me.  I heard the food sample bags crumpling a bit so I kept yelling back at Kiwi to leave it alone and watching her in my rear view mirror.   She did not seem to get into anything.
I got to work and Kiwi and I went about the day.  I had a meeting so Kiwi ate a marrow bone someone in the office gave her.  She acted completely normal all morning.  Around 11:30am I noticed Kiwi was bright red all over.  Initially my thought was she was having a reaction to her new food she was jsut switched to or quite possibly even the marrow bone.  I even took pictures of her skin to email to Julie our president just to get her input.  This is what she looked like.

Other than the skin she was not acting abnormal at all.  I took her out to the car with me as I was going to run out to grab lunch...when I went to put her in the car not only did I see the spilled dog food bags but a spilled bottle of Grayce's incontinence medicine that the lid apparently was not on properly.  The medication is flavored like treats so Kiwi had eaten twenty 50mg tablets!!

At this point I was near panic..ran back in the office and called the vet who had me call animal poison control.  Poison control said I needed to bring her to my vet to have her blood pressure checked.  She was still acting normal at this point.  Brought her to the vet where I sat in the waiting room thinking she was going to be just fine.  Thinking if the meds were flavored like treats they couldnt be that Kiwi seemed to be acting just fine. 

Well the waiting went from 10 minutes to 40 minutes in which I was really beginning to get nervous.  Finally the doctor came out and apologized for taking so long that he "just wanted to get Kiwi stable before coming back out".  At this point of course I lost it..I hadnt even realized she was not stable!! 

Basically her heart rate was really low and blood pressure super high.  They gave her meds to lower the BP and gave her charcoal to help absorb the pills and make her pass them quickly.  I asked to see her before I left and she just looked horrible.  I was so scared for her.

She had to be admitted and than I had to pick her up tonight and transfer her to the Mt laurel animal hospital for observation overnight. 

I feel horribly guilty for being so stupid to leave those pills in the back.  Kiwi doesnt get into stuff so I just didnt think twice figuring the bottles were closed properly.  OBviously a dog that has "treats" spilled out in front of her is going to eat them. 

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